Benefits of remote therapy:

  • Communication Ease:

    Many people report that they find it easier to communicate online, due to this being second nature to them. Since the global Covid-19 pandemic, communication over online-platforms is now the norm for many.

  • Motivation:

    I have found this method helpful for clients with a depressed-presentation, who struggle with the motivation to get to a physical therapy clinic. Clients are therefore more likely to engage in treatment.

  • Comfort:

    Going to therapy is anxiety-provoking in itself, so allowing an anxious client to attend from their safe place of home can be hugely helpful. For instance, bringing their own pet to sit with them to feel at ease.

  • Digital Creativity:

    I utilise online tools to aid my therapeutic practice. This can include screen sharing worksheets to complete together, sharing YouTube videos, completing online questionnaires and using the whiteboard tool to map things out together.

  • Accessibility:

    Clients can hop into a therapy session, from anywhere, at any time, cutting down on practicalities issues. For instance, an adult can join a video call from their work-place, furthermore a child/young person can join from school or college.